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Fifth Grade

By: Carter                              

In fifth grade my teacher was very nice. She let us have extra recess on days when we didn’t have specials. We also had a lot of fun projects and field trips. We got to get prizes by putting beads on a string and measuring them.

My favorite project was a enrichment choice project for and unsolved mystery. My unsolved mystery was the Chupacabra. It is a blood sucking dog that lives in the islands around the Caribbean. For the project  I picked to an  amusement park. I had Four rides, two concession stands, and three gift shops.

My favorite field trip was a North Carolina history museum. The best part about it was the sport section. It had the stars from N.C. teat either were great or revolutionized sports. A current star from North carolina is Chris Paul. Michael Jordan revolutionized basket balls shorts . He made basket ball shorts baggier like we see today. I’m glad he did that, because I think those early basketball shorts looked kind of weird.

At school my favorite special was P.E. We did every thing from baseball to hockey. My favorite unit was probably the mat ball unit.   It is like kick ball but the bases are larger, so any number of base runners can be on the base.

That sums up my amazing fifth grade year.


Do you have any favorite memories from your fifth grade year?  Share them below!


My first swim meet!!!

By Margo age 9

On Tuesday I had my first swim meet.  We beat the other team by a mile.  Both Carter and Jack swam  and placed 1st in there heat.  I placed 2nd in breast stroke.  My next swim meet, my goal is to place first in a heat.

I had never gone to a swim meet.  When we got there we where allowed to play in the shallow end of the pool while the other team warmed up.  Then the coaches told us to put on our caps and goggles.  Then we went to go and warmup.  After that, we started doing the relays.  We missed our relays because someone told us not to go and then after the race he said that we where supposed to go. 😦  Then we started swimming our individual races. We swam freestyle, then backstroke, then breast stroke, and then butterfly.     

How do you know what race you are in?  Earlier in the season they did time trials. A time trial is when they have you go and swim like it is a meet.  Then they know who is the fastest on the team.  The fastest 3 swimmers get to swim in the main event. I was never in a main event.    I have worked on diving so that should shave some time off.  Hopefully I wont belly flop any!!!!

I really like really swim team and would recommend it.  Overall I really like the swim meets better then the swim practice. The only thing that I don’t like about a swim meet is the warm up.  We have to do a 100 freestyle! That is 4 lengths or 2 laps.  I have learned a lot at swim team!

La Farm

by Jack age 6

La Farm is a restaurant. It is a cafe. If you are a grownup you can get a avocado chicken salaed. If you are a kid you can get a sandwich. You can get a hot ham and cheese sandwich with eggs on top. If you are a grownup you can get a sandwich too. I like La Farm a lot. La Farm has snail bread, cibatta bread and challa bread.  I would recommend this restaurant.

What other restaurants do you think I should review?  Tell me below!


By Margo Age 9

Yesterday we had a blackout.  All the power went out.  We had come from the pool, and right when we opened the garage the power went out. It was totally dark.   Luckily we had stocked up on food at aldies so we had lots of food to snack on.  We snacked on sour cream & onion pringles while my parents tried to find somewhere with power.  This made it fun!!

When we found out that the power was totally out, we got our flashlights.  I knew exactly where my flashlight was.  Then we found Jack’s flashlight laying around in the office and I gave it to him.  Then I  went to look for Carter’s flashlight in his cubby, but there was one that we never found.

My parents finally found out that Danny’s BBQ was open.  We went there and ate like kings.  We ordered wings, spare ribs, chopped pork, potato salad, coleslaw, and baked beans.  Then we went to target and got some things.  I got gum, and the flavor is lemon square.  It smells so good that it makes my mouth water.

When we were driving home from Danny’s BBQ, we saw a police that was guiding traffic and we could see that a big pine tree had fell on a power line.  Then around 10:00 our power came back on.  Our mom went into all of the rooms and declared that the power was on again.  I immediately turned on my fan I was burning hot.  Then my dad went and checked all the lights.

Tips for being prepared in a storm

1. Have a flashlight that is not run by batteries.  I had a cranky flashlight and I didn’t have to worry about wasting the batteries .

2. Have food to snack on.  They don’t have to be healthy because it only for a little wile, and it doesn’t happen very often.

3. Avoid running if it is pitch black.  You might trip even if you have a flashlight. 

4. Don’t open the fridge

5. Have a back-up meal plan that doesn’t involve opening the fridge or using the stove.

What tips do you have?  Add them below!!

7 Tips to being a good Quarterback


By: Carter

I love playing football. I play flag football and am in my third season. Last season I led my team to the division title. I was the game MVP. In this season we are undefeated. Here are seven tops to being an excellent QB.

1. Keep Your Arm Up

When you throw the ball keep your arm parallel to your head. That will give the ball more force so it will fly faster and straighter.

2. Look Off Your Receiver

When you are supposed to throw it to a specific receiver, don’t look at them until you throw it. Look at the other side of the field, then turn and throw.

3. Step and Throw

When You are ready to throw, step with your opposite foot from your non-dominant side. If you throw off your back foot, the ball will stay in the air longer. The longer the ball is in the air, the more likely it is to be intercepted.

4. Throw Quickly

When you are taking the snap, know who you will throw it to. That way when you are being rushed, you can throw the ball to avoid the sack. Make sure you take the time to make an accurate pass.

5. Use Good Footwork

When you are looking for a receiver, drop back, but don’t trip. Also keep the same foot forward every time you take a snap.

6. Communicate

When on the line of scrimmage waiting for a snap, check your  receivers feet. If they are across the line of scrimmage, tell them.

7. Throw to the Opposite Side of the Defender

If the defender is on the right side of the defender, throw it to the left side. Also give the receiver a good lead so they can break away from the defender. Also keep the ball high so that the defender can’t reach it.

What suggestions to you have?  Post them below!

Hilton Head

by Jack age 6


If you live on the East Coast it will take bout 5 hours to get there. It is a beach. I recommend going to HHPrime,HHPrime is a breakfast restaurant it is a buffet. I thought  it was fun walking and looking at Spanish Moss. I liked going  in the water because the water was warm. There were sand dollars,they peed on me. I saw Dolphins too.  the sand is really compact it is easy to walk on.  At night the ocean is so  beautiful to look at.  Hilton Head is beautiful. In the morning  the water is very high.    I love Hilton Head.

Book Club Ideas

by margo

If you are looking for a good book for book club with lots of ideas then you can use Little House in the Big Woods.  I have just finished the book and there lots of fun things that you can do to feel like you are in their time.

The first thing that I would suggest is the butter.  In the old days Pa could not go down to town and get molded butter.  To make the butter they would put a marble in the jar and cream.  Then the girls would shake the cram until they could not hear the marble clanging agenst the jar sides.  In the winter and the summer the butter color would be diffrent colors because the cows in the winter wouldn’t get as much grass.  Eating grass changes the color of the cream. So Ma would put shredded carrots in the cream before the girls would mix the cream because Ma didn’t like the white butter.  Ma had pa carve out a butter mold.  The butter mold was shaped as a strawberry with strawberry leaves.  At your book club meeting you could shred carrots and make the butter.

Another thing they talked a lot about in the winter is the sugar snow.  Sugar snow was maple syrup   The girls loved the syrup/sugar snow. They especially loved the sugar snow in hard cakes.

My favorite part of the book was when the girls went to town.  I thought that it was funny that pa thought that Laura was being greedy for taking so many pebbles.   Later she thought that her pocket “ripped” out of her nicest dress which Pa bought her from the towns general store when pa threw her.  Later ma told her that it was the way that the dress was made and that she could fix it when they got home.  Laura knew that she had a lot of pebbles and that Mary had a few but she thought it was okay because the general store owner gave mary a better candy.

Laura thought since Mary got better candy it was okay for Laura could be rude to her.  One time my brothers were working in the kitchen and I wanted to help them.  When I was asking then where something was the other brother started mimicking me.  I thought that I could be rude because they were being rude and I had asked them to stop many times.  I then got in trouble for being rude.  I learned that even if somebody else is being rude, or gets what I want, don’t be rude because most likely you are going to get into trouble.  I think this would be good to discuss in a book club — How to control your self when you’re super duper angry at your sibling.  

Overall I like the book a lot and would recommend it!