7 Tips to being a good Quarterback


By: Carter

I love playing football. I play flag football and am in my third season. Last season I led my team to the division title. I was the game MVP. In this season we are undefeated. Here are seven tops to being an excellent QB.

1. Keep Your Arm Up

When you throw the ball keep your arm parallel to your head. That will give the ball more force so it will fly faster and straighter.

2. Look Off Your Receiver

When you are supposed to throw it to a specific receiver, don’t look at them until you throw it. Look at the other side of the field, then turn and throw.

3. Step and Throw

When You are ready to throw, step with your opposite foot from your non-dominant side. If you throw off your back foot, the ball will stay in the air longer. The longer the ball is in the air, the more likely it is to be intercepted.

4. Throw Quickly

When you are taking the snap, know who you will throw it to. That way when you are being rushed, you can throw the ball to avoid the sack. Make sure you take the time to make an accurate pass.

5. Use Good Footwork

When you are looking for a receiver, drop back, but don’t trip. Also keep the same foot forward every time you take a snap.

6. Communicate

When on the line of scrimmage waiting for a snap, check your  receivers feet. If they are across the line of scrimmage, tell them.

7. Throw to the Opposite Side of the Defender

If the defender is on the right side of the defender, throw it to the left side. Also give the receiver a good lead so they can break away from the defender. Also keep the ball high so that the defender can’t reach it.

What suggestions to you have?  Post them below!


2 thoughts on “7 Tips to being a good Quarterback

  1. Jennie June 13, 2013 at 6:14 PM Reply

    You are an awesome QB!!

  2. Kathleen June 15, 2013 at 8:40 PM Reply

    Excellent tips – I love watching you play football – you’re a great team player and I can tell you really enjoy the game!

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