Fifth Grade

By: Carter                              

In fifth grade my teacher was very nice. She let us have extra recess on days when we didn’t have specials. We also had a lot of fun projects and field trips. We got to get prizes by putting beads on a string and measuring them.

My favorite project was a enrichment choice project for and unsolved mystery. My unsolved mystery was the Chupacabra. It is a blood sucking dog that lives in the islands around the Caribbean. For the project  I picked to an  amusement park. I had Four rides, two concession stands, and three gift shops.

My favorite field trip was a North Carolina history museum. The best part about it was the sport section. It had the stars from N.C. teat either were great or revolutionized sports. A current star from North carolina is Chris Paul. Michael Jordan revolutionized basket balls shorts . He made basket ball shorts baggier like we see today. I’m glad he did that, because I think those early basketball shorts looked kind of weird.

At school my favorite special was P.E. We did every thing from baseball to hockey. My favorite unit was probably the mat ball unit.   It is like kick ball but the bases are larger, so any number of base runners can be on the base.

That sums up my amazing fifth grade year.


Do you have any favorite memories from your fifth grade year?  Share them below!


3 thoughts on “Fifth Grade

  1. adventuresinsoyland June 19, 2013 at 12:48 AM Reply

    In 5th grade I won the Science Fair! I still remember my teacher Mr. Turner telling me when we stood in line outside. SO exciting!!

  2. Jared June 19, 2013 at 5:08 PM Reply

    In 5th grade I got to help raise and lower the flag each day. It was really fun unless it was raining.

  3. Kathleen July 23, 2013 at 4:12 PM Reply

    In 5th grade I got to write and direct a mini-version of Mary Poppins for our class! I knew then that I enjoyed theatre!

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