My first swim meet!!!

By Margo age 9

On Tuesday I had my first swim meet.  We beat the other team by a mile.  Both Carter and Jack swam  and placed 1st in there heat.  I placed 2nd in breast stroke.  My next swim meet, my goal is to place first in a heat.

I had never gone to a swim meet.  When we got there we where allowed to play in the shallow end of the pool while the other team warmed up.  Then the coaches told us to put on our caps and goggles.  Then we went to go and warmup.  After that, we started doing the relays.  We missed our relays because someone told us not to go and then after the race he said that we where supposed to go. 😦  Then we started swimming our individual races. We swam freestyle, then backstroke, then breast stroke, and then butterfly.     

How do you know what race you are in?  Earlier in the season they did time trials. A time trial is when they have you go and swim like it is a meet.  Then they know who is the fastest on the team.  The fastest 3 swimmers get to swim in the main event. I was never in a main event.    I have worked on diving so that should shave some time off.  Hopefully I wont belly flop any!!!!

I really like really swim team and would recommend it.  Overall I really like the swim meets better then the swim practice. The only thing that I don’t like about a swim meet is the warm up.  We have to do a 100 freestyle! That is 4 lengths or 2 laps.  I have learned a lot at swim team!


2 thoughts on “My first swim meet!!!

  1. Jared June 19, 2013 at 5:11 PM Reply

    Sounds fun. Do you have a time goal you’re working towards for your strokes? I believe they call that a PR (personal record)

  2. Kathleen July 23, 2013 at 4:08 PM Reply

    I know you’re enjoying Swim Team! What do you do in diving that shaves time off?

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