2013 Best Of — Christmas Traditions


We are affectionately (?) referring to this Christmas as the year the book ate Christmas.  Jared is writing a book http://www.amazon.com/Performance-Mining-Analytics-Business-Series/dp/1118618041 which means every waking moment he wasn’t at work, he was writing this book.  As he is a super helpful and awesome husband, this left a huge void, which I did my best to fill.  This meant there was 0 of my time left for things such as making Christmas cards, making treat packages to bring to friends, baking myself into a sugar coma etc.  We really had to pare down (but I have very high hopes for Valentines Day)  Before the holidays are too far in the past, I wanted one last look at my favorite things we did get done.

Come see what made the cut.


Kids music recitals. I think we had five in December.  I remember as a teenager, an adult said it was more fun watching her son play basketball than watching the Utah Jazz.  I think she was right.

Apex Stake Messiah Sing In — Our church puts on one amazing Christmas concert each December with a full orchestra.  I sing in it, just so I can hear the songs every week for two months, instead of just one time.  It is heart bursting, true meaning of Christmas at its best.  The perfect way to kick off the season.

Duke Christmas Concert — Duke puts on a free concert each December in their gorgeous Duke Chapel.  Santa comes and reads a story to the children so I’m assuming children are warmly welcome?  We bring them and it is a fun experience every year.

Christmas Clothesline — We take all the holiday cards we receive and use clothespins to hang them from a ribbon in our family room.  It is so fun to see all the people we love and tell the kids about friends and extended family they might not remember.


Sibling purchases.  Each year we have the kids do extra chores to earn money to buy presents for each person in the family who will be here on Christmas.  We then go to town at the dollar store.  We give them pretty free reign and they have a great time secretly picking out gifts.  We then set up a wrapping station at home and they then get to wrap the gifts.  It is superfun to see what they pick out — they do a great job!  (I did end up with four puzzles this year) which leads me to..

Puzzles.  Putting together a puzzle with my sister and daughter in front of a roaring fire?  Pretty sublime.


Cookies.  We did manage to try a few new cookies this year, the first pirouettes.  It was fun to work together with my mom and sister getting these rolled up before they cooled off, but be wary of doing this with out such fun kitchen companions.  It made a huge mess but these were everyone’s favorites this year (out of two though, hmmm)  Italian Wedding cookies shaped into crescent moons (perfect kid job) I love spending time in the kitchen with the kids.  It is something they really enjoy, and will stick around for extended periods of time when we are cooking or baking together.

Luke 2 and a Christmas Dress for Ellen As, I’m sure most families do, we read Luke 2 on Christmas Eve.  This year we also showed the movie .  We also read A Christmas Dress for Ellen, a story no matter how many times I read it, I cry.  I made Jennie read it this year as to not make everyone suffer.  It is very touching to me.  It’s the perfect Christmas sprit as the kids head off to bed.

Cheering for the Broncos.  Because we’re being honest here.  Pray it doesn’t snow.IMG_0325


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