Debriefing the Thanksgiving Table


I truly love hosting Thanksgiving, and it has become even more fun since my sister has lived near by and is around to plan and execute the details.  She even purchased coordinating chargers so we can combine forces for good when entertaining large parties.  

Come take a look how we pulled together the table for 17.

This year we were lucky enough to have 17 people for dinner (and even luckier to have a table that (barely) fit everyone).  Since we have had nappers for 11 years now, we like a real dinner time (4:30/5:00) so the little ones can get a good nap and we aren’t rushed in the morning.  It also gives me more time to gaze lovingly at the table.


I saw this post last year and knew I could tweak it for the perfect place card holders.  The paper bag turkey legs were quite easy to make. The key was in tucking in the corners to give them a rounded look at the ends.  Mine were filled with newspapers, but on second thought I think I would put a treat in them (popcorn?  bags of candy?) After people sat down at the table they became superfluous, and therefore used by one of 6 boys as some sort of weapon.  If they had food in them, I think people (kids) would have set them aside to bring home later?  Instead of being demolished into shards of paper all over the house? Notes for next year. 

The center piece was a riff on this gorgeous arrangement after I realized I didn’t have most of the things she used.  What I did have on hand were fresh herb clippings, tangerines and pomegranates, and a silver tray.

I always start setting my table the weekend before Thanksgiving.  It is one of my favorites parts and I like 1. taking my time 2. being able to enjoy it for more than 43 seconds before it is demolished changed by little devouring forces.


Ava has been working on calligraphy and was sweet enough to write all the place cards for us.  They turned out great and were a sweet addition to the table.

I like having lots of candles at the table but may have over done it this year.  I put one of the pillar candles on plates that were a bit too small and at one point they began tipping.  I may or may not have had to ask our neighbor to straighten it for me (with 17 people at the table there was no way I could reach!!)IMG_0137

The moment a holiday is over I start planning for the next year while this years success and failures are fresh on my mind.  Ideas?


What did you do this year?  Do you have any plans for next year?


2 thoughts on “Debriefing the Thanksgiving Table

  1. Jennifer Coleman January 8, 2014 at 7:14 PM Reply

    Such a fun Thanksgiving and pretty table! Thanks for being such a great host. Can’t wait for next year!

  2. adventuresinsoyland January 8, 2014 at 8:54 PM Reply

    XO Me either!!

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