The Best Tomato Soup

We had record lows this week.  I know this to be true because there was a 2 hour delay, on account of cold.  Which puzzles me for sure.  (it was 11° at 9:00 and 13° at 11:00, so even if the cold prohibits school attending…..hmm)


It didn’t look like this

In any event, it is very cold, and the perfect time for soup.

I love trying many variations of a similar recipe to find  Once a teenager said, “this is good,” so I’m going with it as my top performer.  The caramelized onion and basil give it a deep creamy flavor, making the cream optional.  It is very simple to make, but you’ll need to plan ahead, as most people do not have fresh basil on hand in January (?)

Tomato Soup (I’m always highly suspicious of recipe titles that have cutesy names with adjectives but this sounds lame)

feeds about 6

olive oil

1 large onion, rough diced – it will be blended


2 large cans of tomatoes (28 oz), diced or whole

big handful of basil

cream (optional)

1. Heat pan to a medium heat and add a few glugs of olive oil.  Add diced onion to pan, sprinkle generously with salt, cook over med low heat about 20 min (if you have the time) until you have a nice golden brown on your onions (if you’re in a rush, crank up the heat and just get them tender)

2. Add cans of tomatoes and basil. Heat to boiling.  Blend soup (immersion, if you have it, works great here)

3.  Return to pan and add a few glugs of cream, optional.

4. If soup is thicker than you like, thin with milk or broth. Salt to taste, heat through

I like to serve with avocado cheese toasts — bread toasted with cheddar cheese and then topped with avocado slices



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