Data Crunch Super Bowl — What Does It Take To Win

IMG_8750The actual trophy that will be awarded in a few days.  It lives at the NFL Hall of Fame where we saw it this summer. It was pretty fun.

It’s almost here and it can’t come soon enough.  Both 1. the suspense is killing me, and 2. I’m ready for some basketball!

Back when we were pontificating over whether or not Peyton can play in the cold (yeah, he can!) We began to wonder if cold weather teams had an advantage GETTING to the Super Bowl.  Since the playoff games are played in January, they are usually the coldest games played all season.  We thought this would benefit teams who are accustomed to cold weather.  If this was true, we would expect once they got to the Super Bowl, the cold weather teams would lose more often, as until this year, Super Bowl games were played at warm weather location, and any leg up they had from having more experience in the cold would be gone?

So did they?  Click through to see, and for more fun stats on who wins at the Super Bowl!


No! While warm weather teams to win a BIT more often, this isn’t statistically significant.  So, we can put that thought to bed, the weather doesn’t seem to be much of a factor.

What about experience?  We looked at whether the winner of each Super Bowl (since it’s inception in 1966) had been to the Super Bowl previously. Good news!


Is it because eventually, nearly everyone has been to the Super Bowl?  What happens the first time each team has made it to the Super Bowl?


No doubt about it, experience matters.

And the most often quoted piece of Super Bowl Wisdom?


60% shot of winning.

Let’s do this!

data gathered from Scholastic Year in Sports,  Data analysis and charts made by me, except statistic of your chances of winning if you score first.  That one is all over the internet.

and what in the world happened to Buffalo in the early 90’s!  I think they skew the data in a major way, poor guys. 


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