Gallery Wall Details


Over time, it seemed we were amassing more and more small art work, with not a lot of places to put it. These smaller pieces really couldn’t stand on own, and many were too big for tabletop frames. Enter, gallery wall.  It was so fun to pull together and I love seeing these memorable things and places every day.IMG_0481

To get the spacing just right,

1.  Traced each frame that was going onto the wall onto a piece of butcher paper and cut out. I gave each frame and its matching paper a number, so I could reunite them later. (I just penciled the number on the back of the frame) If I all ready had something in the frame, I noted on the paper whether it needed to be horizontal or vertical.

2. Taped the paper rectangles on the wall and move them around until I liked how they looked.

3. To hang the frames we measured (with our finger!) how far down the hangar was on the back of the frame, placed the nail that far down from the top edge of the corresponding piece of paper, and then punched the nail into the wall through the paper.

4. Remove paper and hang frame.

IMG_0477So what made it up?  Click below to see what we put on the wall.

From back wall, top left.

1. Picture of Blowing rock, a favorite mountain town in NC

2. blank – waiting for a memory, or someone to frame one up….

3. picture of Squaw Peak Mountain (do they still call it that in Provo?), taken by our own JLD

4. Program from Christmas at the White House — when we had a tour of the decorated White House (an all time-favorite memory)

5. Picture of Champs Elysee, a painting I bought in Europe

6. Two farm to table plates we bought at the BY bookstore

7. Empty, see #2

8. A photograph of a stormy sky from Jared

9.  My diploma.

10.  picture of Mr. Evans, CO

11.  Graduate Diploma

12. Painting of Niagara Falls

13. Picture of someone we like

14.  Quilt Square.  When we were engaged I made a quilt for our bed.  I also made some pillow fronts that I promptly forgot about, and found 10 years later.  Love it in the frame.

15. Another person we like.

16. A Picasso I got in Spain when I was in high school

17. The lady of the house

18. Little one on top- Grand Junction, CO -so many gorgeous views in that city

19. larger one on bottom — when Bob Dole was running for President he visited Grand Junction! Jared got a press corps badge and took this picture!

20.  Painting of Currituck light house.  Finding a frame of that was a real pain.  I finally found a frame with an opening larger than the picture and put a high quality piece of paper underneath.  Looks just great up on the wall, so glad I got it up there.  

21. JLD undergrad diploma

22.  Collage of pictures from when we were dating.  Oldschool and fun to see.

IMG_0476On side wall

2 family pictures

blanket Geoffrey made on a loom that is AWESOME.


So impressive!


2 thoughts on “Gallery Wall Details

  1. Kathleen January 28, 2014 at 11:43 AM Reply

    Loove this idea- trying to do the same thing – really like the idea of not all photographs – gives “texture”!

  2. Lauren January 28, 2014 at 4:37 PM Reply


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