Taking Care of the Curlies

With four children there are many convenient ways to group them — the Odds and Evens, boys and girls, Bookends and Middles. (I’m taking the middles with me, see you in an hour — that sort of thing)

We’ve taken to calling the Evens the Curlies, for obvious reasons.  IMG_8519I do get a fair amount of questions about how to take care of their hair, and thought it would be fun to discuss here.  Because, even if you don’t have curly hair, I’m guessing your curious how to care for this fabulousnessDSC_5659

She does have extensions in this photo and her hair was dyed for Halloween

click through to see how we do it

How to care for curly hair

Prenote: I am a pretty pragmatic.  I am sure there are more expensive and complicated ways to care for curly hair that are even better, but this is a great place to start.

1. The very most important thing tho know is, NEVER, EVER, under any circumstance comb or brush curly hair when it is dry and you are syling it.  At least not if you are planning on being seen in public afterwards.

2.  To prevent knots I like to comb it BEFORE showering.  Some people say that combing it while it is still wet (either in, or after the shower) is better, but I feel this separates the curls, and you want to keep them together as much as possible.

3.  Scrub that scalp.  Curly hair makes it more difficult to get to the scalp, so really help kids with curly hair scrub their scalps.  Since they probably don’t have their hair brushed as often as kids with straight hair, this is particularly important.

4.  Wrap a towel around wet hair to get as much water out as possible, but do not rub.  Think the turban wrap. Again, we are trying to keep the hair together as much as possible and rubbing will separate the curls.

5. Help that part along. For my hair, it is best to let it dry parted in the middle, and then when it is dry, give it a side part.  For our little dolly, it is best to make sure her natural side part is in place before it dries. Either way, use your fingers and you will need to be careful, you got it, to keep the curls together while helping the part along. But it usually looks best if you put things where they need to be right after the towel comes off. Don’t leave these things to chance 😉

6.  Mousse!  Apply mousse when hair is still wet.  For kids, start when they are around 8, or if you feel the curls need help staying together.

7. Lift those roots.  Gently use your fingers to loosen the roots from the head. You don’t want the hair pressed against the scalp or else you’ll get triangle hair, the bane of curly existence.  I do this by pressing the pads of my fingers against the scalp and jiggling them back and forth (this has gotten very technical) I never flip becuase this causes the curls to come apart.

8.  Allow to air dry.

9. Hands off.  Try to resist the urge to touch curly hair during the day — it will only cause frizz!  Teach kids from a young age to not touch their hair.  This may mean clipping back any hair that hangs in their face or bothers them.

10.  Get a good cut.  Adults especially!  It doesn’t have to be super often, but it needs an expert.  Ask people you know with curly hair that have haircuts you like, who does their hair.

 Interesting note, I used to have quite curly hair, but it seems to be losing it’s curl over time.  I really hadn’t noticed until people started asking me where they kids got their curls from (?!) DSC_2097Me and my curly dolly, don’t know what I’d do without her.


2 thoughts on “Taking Care of the Curlies

  1. Kathleen February 7, 2014 at 1:13 PM Reply

    So, I have to apologize to my daughters………both have curly hair and I didn’t know quite how to take care of it (being the straight hair type of gal myself)! Great tips 🙂

  2. Lauren February 9, 2014 at 6:05 PM Reply

    So helpful!! I need to wear my hair curly (mine is more wavy, really) more often. Love those curly heads!!

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