Olympic Week Menu


Happy Friday!  I, for one, am really looking forward to immersing myself in Olympic coverage for the next two weeks.  G was born just after the Salt Lake Olympics, and they hold a soft spot in my heart. Laying on the couch 16 hours a day watching the Olympics, discussing whether or not Bodie was an acceptable name, good times.

We have planned an international meal each night this week to help celebrate. (for good or bad, I am really into using food to help celebrate and commemorate.  Definitely a family tradition)

Here is what we are planning on eating the next few days. I let the kids search for things they would like to make, so most of these are new to us.  Should be fun.

I typically only use meat 2 or 3 times a week so this will be quite a meatfest for us.  C should be quite happy.  When he asks what is for dinner sometimes he’ll add, “I hope it’s meat.”

Borscht I have heard of this, but never tried it. I am really into beets so we’re going for this as our Russian dish.  And of course, Russian Tea Cakes made into rings, if we can.

Sweet and Sour Chicken.  I like her website and she says this is her most popular recipe so I’m looking forward to it.

Lamb Gyro Kabobs and Tzatziki.  We looooove gyros and it never occurred to me to try and make the meat until we saw a recipes in Dolly’s new cookbook. Looking around on line there doesn’t seem to be a real consensus on which spices to use — makes me quite curious how it will turn out.

Chicken Tacos.  I first had these at Jared’s sister’s house when we were engaged, and it opened my eyes to a whole new taco world.  So good.  Fried corn tortillas, shredded chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream.  I can’t wait.

English Scones The first scone I ever had was at high tea in London.  And it was memorable.  Imagine my confusion when I returned to Provo where a scone resembled an unseasoned doughnut?  We will be doing them British style this week.

Korean Short Ribs These I’ve made, and they are super good.  I am toying around with using pork country ribs because 1. I have some in my freezer 2. I have generally been avoiding beef since it makes me feel ill 😦 If you do these in a Le Cruset dutch oven as she suggests, check the meat frequently.  Mine cooks nearly twice as quickly as her recipes suggest–took me a few times to figure that out :/

What ideas do you have for international meals? Suggest away.


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