Vacation Concierge — San Diego


My parents took us to San Diego when I was 14 years old, and since then it has been one of my favorite places on earth.  Imagine my immense relief to find it was a fantastic place to take kids, too.

When we went we stayed at, yes, Embassy Suites.  To be honest, it was my least favorite one we’ve been to.  They way they served breakfast (one side only) made the line SOOOO long.  And it was especially noisy, waking the kids up in the front room in the morning (and for a family that is nearly all up at 6:30, that is saying something) But, alas, we lived.

Following are my very favorite San Diego activities to do as a family.

Children’s pool and La Jolla.  It is crazy to me, but seals live in this cove and hang out on the rocks, just feet away from the swimmers.  If you get super close they will swim away, but it is incredible.  This entire stretch of beach at La Jolla is one of my favorite views of all time.


USS Midway.  All time favorite.  Each visitor is given a handset that gives information about each room when the corresponding numbers are pressed.  I LOVE these things.  I always want to know the details.  I love I can stand there listening to each and every gory details while the kids are using theirs as cell phones and we’re all having a great time.  So fun to see how they fed a city of people three meals a day, took care of the sick and landed planes on a boat.  We explored every single nook and cranny and I loved it all.

Balboa Park.  Full of interesting museums, a great place to check out the Mission architecture.


Old Town San Diego.  Kitsch at its best.

Coronado Island.  Taking a ferry to coronado island and walking the main Boulivard to the Hotel Del Coronado.  Even if you aren’t staying there it is fun to explore the fun shops on the way, gape and the jaw dropping prices of real estate, and check out the Del.

Sea World.  I am remiss to include this after watching Blackfish. I do find it disturbing.  I always thought it was the perfect blend of rides, shows and education and hope they find a way to continue operating while removing the dangers to people.

Eating fish tacos.  I took this seriously.  And found the best fish tacos and onion rings in the state.  Getting take out and eating it facing the sun as it set over the water — jeez, someone take me back now.  Love it.  (we may have overdone the tacos.  I’m pretty sure the kids had recurring nightmares about being force fed one more taco.  I loved it)


Sunsets over the Ocean — a real treat for East Coasters.


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