The Dean Family Decree


After I made this, I looked around the internet and found out subway signs are a thing.  I’m sure there are many ways of doing this — here is how I put this together.

when I was making this, I found an online post that shared how she had made her sign.  I followed many of her recommendations, but can’t find it now to link it.  If you ever see something similar, let me know, I’d love to credit her good ideas!

Supplies needed

  • particle board in size of your choice
  • black spray paint
  • transfer carbon paper (I found it at AC Moore)
  • craft paint, color(s) of your choice
  • small, flat paint brush


1.  Decide what to say.  This was the best part.  We brainstormed with the kids what sayings they thought were important in our family, or things we frequently reminded them, and we wrote them all down.  We whittled away until we had our favorites.

2. Purchase a piece of particle board and either have it cut to size, or cut it yourself.  Spray paint it black.

2.  Type out your sayings in a word processor, using the draw application. (that is what it was called in Open Office) Put each saying in their own text box.  I’m sure there are many better ways to do this, but my low tech skills resorted to this.  From here I could change the fonts and move them around until I liked how it looked.

3.  Once you are happy with how it looks, save it as a pdf so scary things do not happen to it. Print it out, adjusting the sizing so it will be the size you had in mind, and using “tile” setting to print.  This will print it out on many sheets that can be taped together for a life size copy of your board. Tape them together

4.  Tape your transfer paper to the board and then tape your phrase paper on top of that.

5. Now the fun part, trace each phrase, outlining each letter. I used a pencil.  Check after your first word to make sure everything is turning out all right.  Take breaks so you don’t end up with a hand-claw.

6. Gently remove all the paper from the board.  You can see on THE (from the Dean Family) how it will look — outlined. The transfer paper can be used many times again, so fold and store.

7. Take a small brush and using craft pain, fill in all the letters.  Again, breaks.

8. Admire your handy work.

IMG_35929. Think of all the things you can say on a subway sign.


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