My Week of (snowed in) Food In Review

We had such a good time last week with THREE snow days. This time it was pretty clear we wouldn’t be leaving the house returning to school anytime soon, and Thursday was one of my all time favorite family days. We had lots of good cooking, sledding on boogie boards, Olympics watching, Olympic recreations outside, games, eating girl scout cookies, sibling sleepovers, showing profuse gratitude for electricity, and marveling at the weather. Seriously the best.

photo (11)

Is that gorgeous or what?  Only because 1. we were all safe at home and 2. had electricity.

What didn’t happen at all was blog writing.  So I thought I would review the Olympic meals we did have. I knew if we were going to be trapped inside for four days, we’d better have something good to eat while we were at it, so we stocked up on Monday and Tuesday.

Click through to see what we thought of our Olympic inspired eats.

Borscht.  This was so unexpectedly good I committed a whole Saturday post to it.  I bought beets the next time I was out and am looking forward to making this again.  With it being both an unnatural Valentine color (but all natural!) and a quintessential food of the Olympic host country, I don’t think there will ever be a better time to make this than this week.

photo (9)

Sweet and Sour Chicken. I followed her recipe exactly and wow, this was good. I think it may have been a favorite of the little people.  I was glad to have an extra pair of adult hands around as it requires an easy, but complex preparation. Her instructions were clear and very easy to follow. Interestingly enough, this recipe also included ketchup (which we typically don’t even have in the house) but again I plowed faithfully ahead. The only change I would make is the following: after the chicken has been fried and is ready to unite with the sauce in a baking pan for a 1 hour cook, I would put the sauce in the bottom of the pan, and then add the chicken on top.  Her recipe calls for pouring the sauce over the chicken, but I feel this softens the coating on the chicken in a way I do not prefer (but is very authentic.  I should probably note here I don’t enjoy many Chinese food dishes with sauces) I liked the chicken that had dodged the sauce coating, and cooked up nice and crisp.  When you serve you can pour the sauce on the rice and mix right before eating.  photo (10)

Lamb Gyro Kabobs and Tzatziki. We made this using both lamb and turkey, to see which we like the best.  Given the price discrepancy ($7/lb, $2/lb respectively), I would probably just go with turkey — there wasn’t a big difference by the time it was both seasoned and combined with tzatziki, tomatoes and pita bread.  I really took it to the next level and made the pita bread. Like nearly all bread I make, I think what I can buy is better that what I make. I’m sure it is me, not the bead. Such as it is.

Chicken Tacos.  An oldie but a goodie, as good as I was expecting.

English Scones Oops, never made it to these.  Probably because the oven was full of cookies pretty much every day.

Korean Short Ribs I used country pork ribs, and these were delicious. I added several cloves of garlic and a few shakes of ginger to the liquid.  Mine didn’t reduce down as much as I expected so next time I will use a little bit less water.  I served them with cheddar grits (one of the few foods I never came across before moving to NC.  So sad for the rest of the West) and broccoli.  I think they were ready right when we got home from church but we didn’t eat them for a few hours.  Next time I’ll plan on a shorter cook (6 hours on low I think would be just about right in our cooker)photoAny international meals you have made lately that you would recommend?


One thought on “My Week of (snowed in) Food In Review

  1. Natasha (@NatashasKitchen) February 18, 2014 at 11:32 AM Reply

    Wonderful post 🙂 I’m so glad you liked my borscht! It is such a cozy soup for a snowy day.

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