Preparing For The Storm

In some ways (some?) it seems so silly to write about snowstorm preparation from North Carolina. They are very rare, and it doesn’t snow THAT much. (and today it is 70!!) That being said, it doesn’t take very much to send our area into a state of disarray.  Furthermore, we get lots of false alarms.  But alas, earlier last week we heard a stow storm was coming (again, we missed four days of school just the week before over about an inch!)

This time I am glad we planned ahead, just a (12)

Here are a few things we did both before and during our visit from snowstorm Pax to make life more comfortable for everyone. Since up to an inch and a half of freezing rain was in the forecast, we were preparing for a two track week: days at home with snow, but full power and being home with no power. (our #1 plan was to get out of here as soon as possible had we lost heat.  Sleepover time at J&B)

1.  Fill up both cars with gas.  This was (for once) a really good call.  It took Jared over two hours to make an 8 mile drive because the roads were so crowded with people who were not comfortable driving in the snow (think lines 50 cars deep to go up a small hill, sliding down because no one is getting a running start) Had he skipped the pump the night before, he would have run out of gas on the road. Evidently the roads were both so crowded and slick people were not able to get over to gas stations and were running out of gas right in the middle of traffic.

2. Bring heavy boots and coats if going out and about on day of the storm.  The storm was going to hit around lunch time and work was open that morning.  That afternoon, many people had to walk miles home, and I bet they would have been happy to have their snow boots and coats on.  Problem is, we have been warned about snow like this at least 10 times since we’ve lived here that has never come to fruition, so now when I suggest packing boots it is met with an eye roll smile.

click through to see how we kept warm and entertained.

3. Find the flashlights and batteries.  This was more difficult than normal, as we were out of school for so many days the week before, and every AA battery in my house had been used playing Madden, yes.  We dug out the lanterns, remaining working flashlights etc. I can testify that looking for lanterns while the electricity is out, not my favorite thing.

4.  Round up good food. Identify things you can make easily with out electricity and put them somewhere easy to access. I honestly can’t imagine what it would be like to be in a freezing house with no lights (we’ve only been in a summer house with no electricity and that was a drag enough) and imagine having something good, and warm to eat would help.  Our gas stove does work when the electricity is out as long as you use a lighter to light it. This is also a good time to identify some recipes you’ve been wanting to make and get the ingredients ahead of time. If the powerlines hold, you’ll have nothing but time to tackle a good meal.

5.  Pull out the snow gear.  Playing outside in the snow would probably be a decent way to pass the time, and again, looking for things in the dark, no fun. Even if the power is still on, it takes me long enough to get everyone dressed, I don’t need to make it any more complicated than necessary.  (seriously, last week, two minutes after I sent the last kid out decked out in snow gear, the first one came in, all done)

6.  Gather some fun entertainment.  I got the idea from a good friend to stock up on red box before the snow came.  Kids and adults alike 😉

7. Be sure to check on neighbors.  When I woke up to the sound of scraping, I was pretty sure it was a fine son shoveling our neighbors driveway.  It restores my faith in humanity to see neighbors gathering around her home making sure her driveway and walks were cleared very first thing in the morning. (ironically she has the most well manicured lawn around because she spends HOURS grooming it to perfection, because though she is twice our age, she is probably in better shape than I am, sad truth.  At one point, she tried to wrest the shovel from G, but like a fine scout, he held his ground 😉

photo (13).

My poor Rhodie.  She bounced back beautifully.  Nature is amazing.


One thought on “Preparing For The Storm

  1. Catherine Coyne June 8, 2014 at 6:38 PM Reply

    Reading your blog from months ago and loving it. Very nicely written!

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