Off the Shore Line


We have had the coldest winter in a loong time.  While I love soups, snow days (with in reason) hot drinks, flannel sheets and the sporadic 65° days NC is so kind to throw in there, I have summer (and spring!) on my mind. And today it is supposed to sleet/freezing rain/snow?

Lets get planning. As I mentioned in my beach round up, beach vacations are one of my very favorites.

When you have more than a few children, or are traveling with extended family, a beach house can be a great way to go.  Plenty of room to spread out, excellent access to the beach, and a good deal for a 7 night stay (usually they only book a week at a time).  Staying in one location for a week truly feels like a vacation to me, so relaxing.

I have some posts about the logistics: packing, sun protections and most importantly, crabbing! But today I thought it would be fun to discuss activities that are fun to do when you want to venture from the surf and the sand.

click through to see what we do when we’re away on the North Carolina shore.

Taking the ferry to Ocracoke.  Lines to get on the ferry can be incredibly inconsistent. Once we waited in line several hours and still didn’t get over and the next day we drove right on a boat.  Plan on the better part of the day to ride over, enjoy the town and PRISTINE beaches, and ride back.DSC_3594

Wright Brothers Monument. Shows the location of the first flight along with a mock up for the Wright Flyer. A good morning or afternoon activity.  They have a Junior Ranger program for kids and planes are something they can really relate to.DSC_3531


I love this picture.  I love it when we can vacation together.

Lighthouses.  We have been to the Hatteras, Bodie Island, Ocracoke, and Currituck Houses.  You can climb several of them, which is a good way to wear the little people out on rainy days.  On pretty days you can see for miles.DSC_3481

Bike Riding.  My favorite evening activity at the beach.  Evening rides along the sound with the setting sun. Divine.  IMG_0504

I love being part of this family.IMG_0508

Sleeping like a rock.DSC_1168


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