Sun Protection Strategies

We often marvel how not one of our children inherited my (nearly black) hair color.  But none of them inherited their dads nearly pigment free skin either.  We are able to keep them sun burn free nearly everywhere — except the beach.  Despite a noble effort, the first several trips ended up in some pretty sad state of affairs.  Over the years we became more serious about getting it right, and we can now spend 12 hours a day on the beach with out a burn.


1.  Layer on the sunscreen every two hours.  Kids hate it because it is gross rubbing sunscreen into your wet sandy skin. Lure them with….

2. Physical protection from the sun when possible!  Sun shirts!  Kids love them now because anywhere the shirt covers we don’t have to sunscreen.  We have bought ours at lands end and they have held up and worked very well.

3.  HATS.  And good ones.  Go for the kind with a brim all the way around that have a tightening cord around the circumference of the head.  They can wear these bogey boarding and they will (usually) stay on.  With out a hat our kids will burn. After our fourth baby, I started getting quite splotchy in the sun.  Very unattractive. No one wants a sunspot goatee.  Sunscreen doesn’t seem to protect — keeping the sun off my face does.


4.  For the extra sensitive — large sunglasses.  Our little dolly must have been rainbow looming in heaven when they were handing out cheek pigment.  No matter what we do, she burns.  A large pair of sunglasses cover this sensitive area and protect her eyes, too.


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