Sharing Birthdays

On the birthday of my oldest child, I went in to labor with another baby boy.

When I was walking the halls at midnight, it was clear they weren’t going to share a birthday, but it was going to be close.

Just four hours short. DSC01791.JPG copy

At the time, I thought it would be better they each had their own day, and every one seemed to echo those sentiments.

In the subsequent years, I think I’ve changed my mind.  For now.IMG_0485_2

click through to see why I think sharing a birthday wouldn’t be so bad after all.

As they have grown they have become the very best of friends.  What ever one wanted for their birthday, the other wanted.  One day we would have a hockey cake, and then next day, another hockey cake.  And the next day, two half eaten hockey cakes. (though I have wizened up over the years and moved towards cupcakes when possible)

Since it is rare that their birthdays both fall on weekend nights, one of them usually has their birthday activity not on their actual birthday.

What do you think?  Do you share a birthday?  Does it sound fun or not at all?


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