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I fed my baby a peanut butter sandwich on his first birthday, at the recommendation of his pediatrician.  That is the day we learned he was allergic to peanuts.

Anything above a .35 is considered a positive test.  Above 5 is severe.  Above 15, so severe there is almost no hope of outgrowing it.  He tested 95.

In the coming days they sent out a blood test which came back positive for so, so many things, including soy.

Soy is in everything, it seemed.  The foods we could give him were so limited and took so much effort.  It was tough.

A month later we took him in for better, more specific testing.  The bad news?  Allergic to peanuts, eggs, garlic, salmon, all nuts except walnuts and pecans.  The good news?  Soy was in.

It was a small thing, but huge thing.   And for some reason I thought “we’re living in soyland.”  We don’t eat a lot of soy, I actually avoid eating singular soy products. But not avoiding soy?  Welcome to soyland.


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