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Taking Care of the Curlies

With four children there are many convenient ways to group them — the Odds and Evens, boys and girls, Bookends and Middles. (I’m taking the middles with me, see you in an hour — that sort of thing)

We’ve taken to calling the Evens the Curlies, for obvious reasons.  IMG_8519I do get a fair amount of questions about how to take care of their hair, and thought it would be fun to discuss here.  Because, even if you don’t have curly hair, I’m guessing your curious how to care for this fabulousnessDSC_5659

She does have extensions in this photo and her hair was dyed for Halloween

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“Snow” days

Monday the word was out, snow was on its way.  I realize for many places, that is no kind of news at all. But for us, big time.

We even had this gorgeous sunset to bid farewell to the sun as we were planning on being covered with 6 inches of snow.


As Tuesday rolled around, we found out school had been cancelled ALL DAY on account that it should start snowing around lunchtime. (you might need to live here to understand this? and even then, no)

So we played with friends and waited.  And ate Chick Fil A and waited.  And played football in the freezing, but snowless weather, and waited.  And at 4 pm there was 100% chance of snow, but alas, we waited.

We even pulled out the Wii fit which only had two kid Miis, it’s so old.


Finally around 7:00 there was a dusting of snow on the grill, but still no discernible snow falling from the sky. (I did wonder how that happened) Around 8:00 we could see it falling from the sky.  It accumulated to a perfect 1″ (again, only if you live here).  Of course there was no school today.  But there was….  


Click through to see what else we did on Snow Day part II, with snow!

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Game On

photo (4)

I am always on the lookout for ways to spend time with the kids where we are doing something we both think is fun. Sounds obvious, but the Venn diagram of our intersecting interests probably does not work in my favor.  (playing pretend, while I do it = torture) Games fit the bill, and we are always on the lookout for games that adults and kids can play together.  My criteria for a recommended game is the following: it is not purely a game of chance (Risk, you kill me), there are finite steps to the end, and it resolves in a reasonable amount of time (I’m looking at you, Sorry), kids can play competitively against adults (so, not chess) the kids are learning something other than how to turn over a card (Uno).  Here are our favorites we find ourselves reaching for time and time again, including our favorite games for grownups.

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2013 Best Of — Christmas Traditions


We are affectionately (?) referring to this Christmas as the year the book ate Christmas.  Jared is writing a book which means every waking moment he wasn’t at work, he was writing this book.  As he is a super helpful and awesome husband, this left a huge void, which I did my best to fill.  This meant there was 0 of my time left for things such as making Christmas cards, making treat packages to bring to friends, baking myself into a sugar coma etc.  We really had to pare down (but I have very high hopes for Valentines Day)  Before the holidays are too far in the past, I wanted one last look at my favorite things we did get done.

Come see what made the cut.


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