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Gallery Wall Details


Over time, it seemed we were amassing more and more small art work, with not a lot of places to put it. These smaller pieces really couldn’t stand on own, and many were too big for tabletop frames. Enter, gallery wall.  It was so fun to pull together and I love seeing these memorable things and places every day.IMG_0481

To get the spacing just right,

1.  Traced each frame that was going onto the wall onto a piece of butcher paper and cut out. I gave each frame and its matching paper a number, so I could reunite them later. (I just penciled the number on the back of the frame) If I all ready had something in the frame, I noted on the paper whether it needed to be horizontal or vertical.

2. Taped the paper rectangles on the wall and move them around until I liked how they looked.

3. To hang the frames we measured (with our finger!) how far down the hangar was on the back of the frame, placed the nail that far down from the top edge of the corresponding piece of paper, and then punched the nail into the wall through the paper.

4. Remove paper and hang frame.

IMG_0477So what made it up?  Click below to see what we put on the wall.

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My favorite piece of furniture in our house is easily my dining room table.  We made it with supplies for home depot and saved ourselves approximately $3,100 in the process.

Once the new year rolled around, it was time to consider the seating situation.  We really enjoy having other families over to eat, but often the addition of even one family overwhelmed our table.  This meant some of the kids were eating at the island, and while I’m sure they loved it, I really like keeping everyone together at the table.

I found a table I liked on Pinterest, and after clicking through saw it was from Restoration Hardware   Gulp.  I loved the table, but spending more on tables than on cars, not now. After googling around, we found many people had actually made this table, and Jared had a few days off so we decided to give Ana White’s farmhouse table plans a try.  Let me tell you, her plans are amazing.  So fun and easy to follow — when we were done, we were looking for things to make, just so we could do it again.

We cleared everything out of the dining room and taped out a shape on the floor of a table.  We knew we wanted it as big as possible, while still being able to comfortably move around the table dishing out the goods to the little people, when necessary.  We put chairs around our tape table, and after a few days, called it good on the size.

Once we knew the size of our table, we adjusted our supply list from her plans, and hit the store.  We were able to get everything we needed from a big box hardware store (can’t remember which one!), except the wood for the legs.  We briefly talked about using two 2×4 for the legs but decided to hold out for 4″ posts. When selecting our wood, at the insistence of JLD we were very, very careful to select the straightest possible boards they had in the store.  This required checking out every. single. 2×12 in the store (let me tell you we were their favorite customers for the day) but it made a huge difference when putting together the table.

Did we find legs?  The rest of the details, click below.

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Adventures in Brick Laying


One reason I started blogging was to see if I still loved writing as much as I did as a child.  In Gretchen Rubin’s Happier at Home she suggests that the things you loved/did for fun as a child reflect your true loves. When I was a child I loved writing stories, and boy were they dramatic.  So I should love writing about our dining room because oh, the drama.

Before we redid the dining room I felt the house could start leaning a little too Bombay Company (may it RIP) and wanted to inject a little industrial edge.  Thus was born the brick wall.

And I won’t lie, it was a bear.  I think I can pin this on a few mistakes:

Curious to see what they are? Click below to see where I went wrong INCLUDING some awesome before and after pictures!

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